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Inbuilt Rexx Tracing

Rexx has inbuilt tracing support, this can be enabled or disabled with "REXXTRACE" DebugLevel:

#define              REXXTRACE   ALL    ;;Define the level of tracing
#option DebugLevel=^+RexxTrace^         ;;Turn it on (on by default though)

You can do interactive tracing as well as simply dumping information as the rexx code executes.

Depending on the options chosen there can be a huge amount of output generated.

Note that rexx tracing in regina is virtually useless and so its use is not recommended here.

Probably the biggest disadvantage with debugging rexx this way is that the output will never appear in error or console files. To capture the output you will need to redirect PPWIZARD's output (if you get "garbage" characters in the output then turn colors off with /Color).

Because of the above restrictions and I use regina I tend to use "#DefineRexx Tracing". If you need to check out a few values you can set a break point and perform say or other commands to examine the current state.


This debug output is supplied by the rexx interpreter. The output from Regina is much inferior to that of OS/2 however its still very useful. The following can be used as a guide to understanding the output:

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