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Switch /ConsoleFile:[+]FileName

This is a PPWIZARD command line switch.

Sometime it would be handy to duplicate all the PPWIZARD output that goes to the console to a file. This is particularly true if you are not working from a command prompt or PPWIZARD is generating heaps of output as it will if debug mode is on (e.g. you used the /Debug switch).

Of course redirection of the console output is another way the output can be captured particularly if you don't actually want the output sent to the console.

By default console output does not go to a file. If you just wish to see an error output then have a look at the /ErrorFile switch.

The environment variable "PPWIZARD_CONSOLEFILE" is an alternative way to set the filename. It takes the desired filename (not a file mask). If the filename begins with "+" then the file is appended to and not deleted every time ppwizard starts.

If no parameter is supplied on this switch then console output is not sent to a file otherwise the format is exactly the same as that described for the environment variable.

Note that this switch can only take effect from the time that ppwizard is processing the command line and has seen the switch, so it can not handle any console output before this. You may wish to use the environment variable to set it and in any case use this switch as early as possible on the command line.

Rexx tracing performed by the interpreter can't be sent to the file as I recommend PPWIZARD tracing in any case you may not be using it.

Do not simply use the rexx "say" command or the "charout" call to send output to standard out because if you do it will not appear in the console file, you need to use the Say() and Chars() calls instead.

Note that if there is no output (say when "/DependsOn" used with "-" option) then the file will be deleted on exit.


In the following example we use the switch to specify a file name and directory for the console file and specify that we wish to append to the end of the file rather than delete it every time ppwizard begins:

ppwizard *.IT /ConsoleFile:+out\PPWIZARD.CON /Output:OUT\*.html


In the following example we use the switch to specify a file name and directory for the console file and specify that we wish ppwizard to start with a clean file, we also don't wish to see any output:

ppwizard *.IT /ConsoleFile:out\PPWIZARD.CON /Output:OUT\*.htm > nul 2>&1

Note that the redirection syntax may differs between operating systems (it is not a ppwizard feature). Windows 95/98 users are basically using DOS and so the "2>&1" bit can't be used but the example can be used in most other operating systems.

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