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#DefineRexx Tracing

This type of tracing is different from the inbuilt tracing supplied by the rexx interpreter in that PPWIZARD needs to insert statements into your rexx code either at your specific request or automatically. The insertion of these statements is only performed by the #DefineRexx command.

This facility is quite powerful, as well as automatically dumping variable values you can set breakpoints to break at specific locations, any location or execute some rexx code which can decide if a breakpoint should expire.

When a breakpoint expires you are left at a break point command line prompt where you can run any rexx commands and some PPWIZARD specific ones.

An example of forcing processing to stop at a particular place (notice that you can selectively do this if placed in an "if" block):

#DefineRexx ''
   $BreakPoint After loading the file
   if  count = 100  then
       $BreakPoint Count = 100
   $Trace nearly finished.

In the above the "$BreakPoint" will cause processing to stop (until resumed) whether debug is on or off. The "$Trace" command will only have an effect if debugging is on and will trace but not halt processing (unless you set a matching breakpoint).

PPWIZARD normally inserts start/end tracing so even if you don't do any yourself some tracing can occur.

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