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This command is used to change the state of all the PPWIZARD options that you might wish to modify within a compile. Other options which are global and can't be modified can be specified on the command line.

The command allows you to save and restore the current state as well as update one or more options at a time.

Most if not all options allow you to reset to the default value, this can either be a value determined by PPWIZARD or overriden by you with the /option switch. Note that to restore the original values you should use the 'PUSH' and 'POP' options.

Note that since you can define options using the /option switch and default switches can be set up in the environment, you can simply override any PPWIZARD defaults you don't like without having to change your source code (or even your command line!).

Syntax #1 - Saving + Restoring State

[WhiteSpace]#option  PUSH | POP

This form of the command saves or restores all options controlled by the #option command. This allows you to make the required option changes and restore the original situation if required (for example in a header file).

Syntax #2 - Setting An Option

[WhiteSpace]#option  OptionName[WhiteSpace]=[WhiteSpace]["]NewValue["]  ...

You may have any number of options specified on one statement. While not shown in the syntax diagram above you can specify "PUSH" any number of times as well. The following options are currently available:

You may also wish to have a look at the rexx "OptionGet()" and "OptionSet()" routines.


#option PUSH                 ;;Save Current state (we don't need to know what it was - EXCEPT '#' = command prefix!)
#define FRED   ****
<$Fred>                      ;;Fred will be subsituted here

#option ReplacementTags="[]$?{}"
[$Fred]                      ;;Fred will be substituted here
<$Fred>                      ;;Fred will NOT be subsituted here
#option POP                  ;;Restore original state

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