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Switch /Color[:YesOrNo]

This is a PPWIZARD command line switch.

You can determine if colors are used in displayed output. In some operating systems the default will be colors on and in others it will be off. If you don't like the default (or wish to specifically set it the way you wish) then the "PPWIZARD_OPTIONS" environment variable is a good place for this switch.

If the "YesOrNo" parameter is not specified then it defaults to "Y", otherwise one of the following values is expected:

The use of color makes PPWIZARD's output much easier to read, it will for example make warning messages stand out. It will however slow down performance to some degree.

For colors to work the session must either support ANSI color strings (OS/2 does this by default) or needs to support my "CTEXT.EXE" program (Windows NT, 2000 and XP). I have tested color support in red hat linux where it worked.

DOS, Windows 95, 98 or ME (ie any DOS) supports colors if "ANSI.SYS" is loaded in "C:\CONFIG.SYS". In my Windows 95 test system, "ANSI.SYS" can be found in the "C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND" directory so this is how my "config.sys" file ended up looking:



The color codes will never appear in error" or console files, however if ANSI codes are being used they will show up in any redirected output.

You can also change the value during PPWIZARD execution with the ColorAllow() function.

Note that when colors are changed PPWIZARD has no knowledge of the "default" color and so assumes low intensity white, you can tell PPWIZARD the color you wish by setting the "PPWIZARD_COLOR_RESET" environment variable. See the color configuration section for more details on this and other colors.


If you get "strange" characters on the screen and colors are not appearing then you have probably turned on (or left on) the use of color but the use of ANSI codes has been disabled.

In OS/2 ANSI is on by default but it would be possible to disable it (but I don't know why someone would do so) and in DOS, Windows 95, 98 and ME you need to add ANSI support to "config.sys" (not available by default).

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