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This #option command allows you to modify the output generated by /debug and #debug.

PPWIZARD generates quite a bit of debug information when debug is on, this is fine for small source files but could easily become hundreds of thousands of lines in more complex situations. If you are debugging a specific issue you may want to turn off debugging of unrelated events (this could also speed things up). Of course being more selective about placement of #debug commands is another very good option (why debug the whole process?).

Note that you can turn off almost all debugging output, doing so could make it very difficult to determine what is going on as statements such as #AutoTag could transform lines in what appears to be a magical manner. Its up to you to determine what level you require.

The Commands

You may specify any numbers of commands, each separated by a comma. A command may begin with a '-' (to turn off) or '+' (to turn on) the debug facility or facilities in which case the current debug level is being addjusted by setting or resetting bits.

If neither "+" nor "-" is used then debug mode is set to exactly the value supplied. By default all nearly all debug output is generated.

Valid debug facilities are:


Lets turn off all optional debugging except CONDITIONAL and OPTIONS:

#option DebugLevel=~-ALL,+CONDITIONAL,OPTIONS~

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