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Switch /DependsOnWarnings[:YesOrNo]

This is a PPWIZARD command line switch.

This switch alters the way "/DependsOn" works.

By default ppwizard will not generate the dependancy file if warnings are generated. Warnings are considered to be abnormal conditions which are not serious enough to be considered to be an error. You are expected to remove or prevent the warnings.

By using this switch and specifying "NO" you are indicating that the dependancy file should be generated even if warnings are generated.

If the "YesOrNo" parameter is not specified then it defaults to "Y", otherwise one of the following values is expected:

TAB Warnings

It would be better to get rid of the warnings in the first place than to use this switch. A common reason for warnings is the use of tabs without defining what a tab is! Please see the Tabs option for more information.

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