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Switch /DependsOn:[-]GenerateMask

This is a PPWIZARD command line switch.

This option requires a Generate Mask which controls how the "InputFile" parameter is transformed into the name of a dependancy file. The default is that there is no dependancy file (therefore dependancies are not checked). If you use dependancy files then the output is only built if required (a source file has changed).

Dependancy checking is very verbose by default. This is handy if you need to know why a particular build is occuring.

To completely disable the generation of these messages you should preceed the "GenerateMask" parameter with a '!', however I recommend you use the '-' (minus sign) to show the reason why a rebuild occurs without generating anything when no rebuild is required.

PPWIZARD knows how to create a complete dependancy file unless you access files directly (via rexx with "linein()", "lineout(), "charin()" or similar functions). If you do directly access a file you will need to help ppwizard by using the #DependsOn command or the AddInputFileToDependancyList() or AddOutputFileToDependancyList() rexx functions.

This switch can be used any number of times and will affect all input masks that follow. If an input mask comes first then any preconfigured extension information (see /ExtnInfo) will be used or if not available PPWIZARD will abort.


In the following example the command will check/create a file called "OUT\DEPEND\IN.DEP":

+-[ MAKEIT.CMD ]--------------------------------------------------+
| @echo off                                                       |
| ppwizard IN.IT /Output:OUT\*.html /DependsOn:OUT\DEPEND\*.*.DEP |
| if errorlevel 1 echo ERROR: Command failed!                     |

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