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This #option command allows you to have control of the handling of individual (or groups of) messages. You can choose to completely ignore particular messages or you can "promote" them into fatal errors.

Warnings can come from PPWIZARD, the #warning command or the Warning() function.

By default no warnings are ignored or "promoted". The "IgnoreWhich" parameter can be one of the following:

  1. NULL
    No warnings will be ignored or "promoted".

  2. ""
    An empty value means use the default value.

  3. One or More Specifications
    Any other value is a list of one or more match specification strings each separated by ';' (or ':' under unix). These are processed from left to right.

    Each match specification is used to match warnings that you wish to process and may begin one of the following characters codes:

    The text following any initial code will match the text of a warning message if the warning message contains the text string (case insensitive check). All messages match special "*" code.

    If a message is dropped then you can still see the message in debug mode as well as the reason it normally gets dropped (that is the specification string it matched).

The warning message text which is searched includes the line number as well as the warning ID, basically the exact text that you would normally see so you could prevent warnings down to a particular line number if you wish (although this is not recommended).

Warning IDs and text are not documented so you need to wait for one to occur before deciding how to drop it.

If you wish to see warning messages but still want a zero return code you should check out the /WarningsRc switch.


The following example lines show how you can treat any warning message that contains "tabs" (in any case) as a fatal error and completely ignore all other warnings that don't contain "FRED".

#option Warnings="+tabs;!FRED;*"

Example - Treat ALL Warnings as Errors

ppwizard.rex bookmark.IT /option:Warnings=~+*~

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