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Switch /DependsOnIgnore1H[:YesOrNo]

This is a PPWIZARD command line switch.

This switch alters the way "/DependsOn" works.

Windows NT+ has a feature which means that when daylight savings time is turned on or off timestamps can be out by exactly one hour. On top of this I believe there is a second bug in regina (but possibly also a Windows bug) which can cause time stamps to flip/flop between two times exactly one hour out.

By default PPWIZARD now ignores timestamp differences if they are exactly one hour out. You can use this switch to turn off this behaviour, however it would be extremely unlikely for someone to make a change to a file exactly one hour later (to the second), so I doubt it will ever be used by anyone...

If the "YesOrNo" parameter is not specified then it defaults to "Y", otherwise one of the following values is expected:

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