PPWIZARD is a free preprocessor for HTML, REXX, Visual Basic or any text files.
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PPWIZARD Command Line

The basic syntax of the PPWIZARD command is as follows:

PPWIZARD  [[+]InputMask]  [@Project]  [/switches]

Any of the above may appear any number of times and PPWIZARD has no limit how long the command line can be (your operating system may).

You should read the "Problem Characters or Parameters" section if you have any problems with your parameters.

Any item that starts with ';' (such as ";/html) is commented out and is ignored ("/debug" is the only switch that can't be commented out like this). This should be helpful when testing combinations of switches.

Be careful with spaces, the only spaces that are ignored are extra ones between switches or input masks. PPWIZARD does not do space reduction elsewhere so "/output:*.htm" is not the same as "/output: *.htm" (in the latter you are saying the output filename should start with a space).

If you have long command lines or wish to configure PPWIZARD options then please see the "LONG COMMAND LINES / CONFIGURATION FILES" section.


PPWIZARD is a rexx program and is interpreted either natively (in OS/2) or via the regina interpreter. There is only one version of PPWIZARD which runs in all operating systems. See the "Operating System Status section if you wish to see how PPWIZARD is supported in your operating system).

OS/2 users (not using regina) can use the following syntax (make sure PPWIZARD is named "PPWIZARD.CMD"):

PPWIZARD[.cmd]  [[+]InputMask]  [@Project]  [/switches]

To execute regina (executable may be called "rexx" or more typically "regina") it will either need to be in the current directory, in a directory mentioned in the PATH, or the path specified.

Note that Regina looks in the directories mentioned in the "REGINA_MACROS" environment variable for REXX scripts if they are not in the current directory (it does not use the "PATH" environment variable). Unless "ppwizard.rex" is located in a path mentioned in "REGINA_MACROS" then a command such as "regina ppwizard tryme.it" will fail unless PPWIZARD is in the current directory. Of course it will also fail if "regina" is not in one of the directories mentioned in the "PATH" environment or in the current directory.

Windows NT/2000 users should be able to start PPWIZARD like this:

PPWIZARD[.rex]  [[+]InputMask]  [@Project]  [/switches]

Windows 95/98/ME and Unix users will probably need to use (and NT/2000 users can use):

REGINA PPWIZARD[.rex]  [[+]InputMask]  [@Project]  [/switches]

As a simple example to build "tryme.htm" from the source file "tryme.it" (supplied with ppwizard) one possible format of the command is:


If you typed the above with the current directory set to the installation directory (containing regina, PPWIZARD and "tryme.it") then that is the command should work, if it doesn't you may need to specify "rexx" instead of "regina".


The /ErrorFile and /ConsoleFile switches can help you capture any text output by ppwizard which can be particularily useful if you don't work from the command line (or even if you do).


This example has the following attributes:

  1. Make file functionality without the hassle.

  2. All source files have an extension of ".IT" (headers use ".IH").

  3. All output to have the extension ".html" and go into the "OUT" directory.
+-[ MAKEIT.CMD ]--------------------------------------------------+
| @echo off                                                       |
| md OUT        >nul 2>&1                                         |
| md OUT\DEPEND >nul 2>&1                                         |
| ppwizard %1.IT /Output:OUT\*.html /DependsOn:OUT\DEPEND\*.*.DEP |
| if errorlevel 1 echo ERROR: Command failed!                     |

Example - Redirection

PPWIZARD (or any other program) can at times generate quite a lot of output. When /Debug is used you will definitely wish to "redirect" the output into a file, the following is an example which would work in virtually all operating systems (including linux bash shell - change switch characters to '-'!):

[regina] ppwizard index.it /Output:OUT\*.htm /Debug   > OUT\output.TXT 2>&1

If the redirection example does not work you will need to read the documentation for the operating system you are using to determine the correct method. If this failed on Windows NT or 2000 (one of the 1,234,657 bugs!) then you will need to specify the regina interpreter first ("regina ppwizard" etc).

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