PPWIZARD is a free preprocessor for HTML, REXX, Visual Basic or any text files.
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Command Line: Switches / Options

All PPWIZARD command line switches begin with either the '/' or '-' character and are executed in the following order:

  1. If the optional environment variable "PPWIZARD_OPTIONS" exists then its contents are processed first.

  2. If the optional ppwizard project file "ppwizard.ppw" exists then this is processed via the /List switch. You can override any switches specified in the environment variable above if you need to. PPWIZARD first looks in the current directory and then in the same location as the ppwizard runtime if required.

  3. Any options specified on the command line. You can override any switches specified in the environment variables or project files above if you need to.

Normally files or options are separated by spaces, if the file or option needs to contain spaces then you can surround it by double quotes. If you use double quotes the quoted value must not contain double quotes (encode with "{x22}").

Most Common Switches

The switches you are most likely to use are (roughy ordered from most used to least):

  1. How to handle generated files:

  2. Dependancy related:

  3. Processing mode switches:

  4. /Debug
    Turn debug on. If you can't understand something, try it! I have tried very hard to make it understandable.

  5. Console output also goes to:

  6. /HideCmd
    Allows you to hide PPWIZARD syntax within comments etc. This makes it easier to edit source within a graphical editor.

  7. /Option
    Specifying how PPWIZARD handles tabs is a common requirement.

  8. /Template
    Allows you to ask PPWIZARD to handle input files via a template file.

  9. /Define
    Define macros to alter behavior of your builds. For example you may generate the pages for multiple web sites so you would like to pass information which says how to build it etc.

  10. /#Include
    Rather than placing common #Include commands in every file you process you could do so from the command line.

  11. /Exclude
    You may wish to process all files in a directory except "*.BAK" etc.

  12. /Clone
    A simple directory (or tree) copying mode.

All Available Switches

There are many switches available in PPWIZARD, you probably won't need most of them and those listed above are the main ones but at times you will need others, the complete list is :

  1. /AddressCmdTrace
  2. /BaseDir
  3. /BC
  4. /Beep
  5. /BuildTitle
  6. /CGI
  7. /Clone
  8. /Color
  9. /ColorCfg
  10. /Console
  11. /ConsoleFile
  12. /Copy
  13. /CopyRight
  14. /CrLf
  15. /Debug
  16. /DebugChars
  17. /DebugCols
  18. /DebugTime
  19. /Define
  20. /DeleteOnError
  21. /DeletePrev
  22. /DependsOn
  23. /DependsOnComplete
  24. /DependsOnIgnore1H
  25. /DependsOnWarnings
  26. /DropFiles
  27. /ErrorFile
  28. /Exclude
  29. /Exec
  30. /ExtnInfo
  31. /FileNames
  32. /FileSR
  33. /FilterInput
  34. /FilterOutput
  35. /ForceRebuild
  36. /GetEnv
  37. /HideCmd
  38. /Hook
  39. /Html
  40. /HtmlGenerator
  41. /Inc2Cache
  42. /IncludePath
  43. /Info
  44. /Input
  45. /List
  46. /Making
  47. /NoFiles
  48. /OnERROR
  49. /OnOK
  50. /Option
  51. /Other
  52. /Output
  53. /OutHeader
  54. /Pack
  55. /PowerShell
  56. /PpwTrace
  57. /Reading
  58. /RedirMethod
  59. /RegSyntax
  60. /RepeatsOfInputFileOK
  61. /Require
  62. /Rexx
  63. /Sleep
  64. /SpellAddWord
  65. /SpellCheck
  66. /SpellShowAll
  67. /Syntax
  68. /Template
  69. /Validate
  70. /WarningsRc
  71. /XSlash
  72. /0OK
  73. /#Include
  74. /**/
  75. /@Extn
  76. /1

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