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Switch /Clone[:Fuzz]

This is a PPWIZARD command line switch.

I used to use a tool called "XXCOPYSU.EXE" to "clone" a directory tree. While the tool is still "free" it has become very painful to use with the newer "buy me" versions. PPWIZARD can be used as an alternative if your requirements are simple.

This switch is a easy way of indicating that you want to use the /Copy switch to copy files from one (or more) locations to a single destination tree. If you have more complex requirements then you probably need to use the /Copy and other switches directly.

This switch simulates some other switches and turns off the summary to ensure no output gets generated when no files copied (debug output will show most of this). It also removes the last "input mask" and uses this as the name of the destination directory (should not end with a slash). Note that the source "input mask" should either have an absolute path or start with the path component "." or "..".

The Fuzz Parameter

This value is used to determine how close file date/times must be for two files to be considered to be the equal. The reason this is required is that different filesystems can store file times with different resolutions, for example a FAT filesystem can only resolve to the nearest 2 seconds where NTFS can resolve down to a second.

The filetime of a file copied from an NTFS drive to a FAT drive (floppy for example) may actually differ by a second! Note that for whatever stupid reason Windows has, you can actually get files with both 1 and 2 second differences! In this case an appropriate value would be "2" so that only files that differ by more than two seconds are considered different.

If not supplied then the default or last supplied value will be used. The value is ignored if you are also using the /DependsOn switch as in this case the files will not have their date/times compared.

Example: Poor Man's Image Copy Tool

This is an example of some backup commands I use to copy some files from my NTFS hard drive to a FAT based ZIP cartridge (for backup/transfer):

@echo off

@REM *** Backup WEB Image directory ******************************
ppwizard.rex /CLONE:2 /EXCLUDE:+D:\DBAREIS\webimage\desktop.ini +D:\DBAREIS\webimage\*.* z:\WebImage

@REM *** Backup JEDIT stuff **************************************
ppwizard.rex /CLONE:2  +D:\DBAREIS\Projects\JEDIT\*.*                          Z:\JEDIT\SOURCE
ppwizard.rex /CLONE:2 '+D:\DBAREIS\JEDIT DATA\USER_SETTINGS\macros\*.*'        Z:\JEDIT\USER_SETTINGS\Macros
ppwizard.rex /CLONE:2 '+D:\DBAREIS\JEDIT DATA\USER_SETTINGS\FileTemplates\*.*' Z:\JEDIT\USER_SETTINGS\FileTemplates

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