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Switch /CGI:LogFile

This is a PPWIZARD command line switch.

This command changes the way PPWIZARD works to allow it to be used as a web server based CGI program (or part of a bigger CGI process).

The output goes to stdout and what would normally go to stdout is prevented from going there.

If the optional "LogFile" is not specified then all status, debug and error output is dropped. If you need to see this you would specify the name of a file. If the filename includes "?" then a "random" 8.3 filename (no path) is chosen and replaces the "?".

If the ppwizard output is not part of a larger process then you may want to make use of the "<?CgiStart>" variable.

Being a CGI script (or part of one) you would want your code to be as fast as possible, I highly recommend you read the "performance" documentation.


You may /define, #define or #evaluate the following variables to control the output which occurs in the case of a fatal error (the default is to display the information):


The following examples show the options being specified on the command line, it is probably better to have any common options specified in CONFIG.SYS on the web server.

ppwizard EmailForm.TEM /CrLf /CGI
ppwizard EmailForm.TEM /CrLf /CGI:LOGS\LAST.LOG
ppwizard EmailForm.TEM /CrLf /CGI:LOGS\?

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