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A "variable" of this type allows you to evaluate a REXX expression, without using a separate #evaluate command. Each time you use it, a relatively slow REXX "interpret" command is required, so for performance reasons it is recommended that you:

The REXX expression has the limitation that it must not by default contain the ">" character! Please see the ReplacementTags option for example below for more details.

This is a Standard Definition which always exists (you don't need to #define it). Note that you can create your own variations or completely new ones (see the examples).


;--- 5 '*' chars ----

;--- Next line is invalid (compile will fail) ---

Example - Expression needs to contain ">"

The "<br>" in the following (extracted from macro) will by default cause a failure (as PPWIZARD thinks this is the end of the symbol):

<?=ReplaceString("{$authors}", ",", "<br>")>

One possible solution (remove the greater than sign):

<?=ReplaceString("{$authors}", ",", "<br" || "3E"x)>
<?=ReplaceString("{$authors}", ",", "<br" || d2c(62))>

Another (not last) possible solution (prevent the greater than sign being 'special'):

#option PUSH ReplacementTags="[]$?"     ;;Substitute [] for <>
        [?=ReplaceString("{$authors}", ",", "<br>")]
#option POP                             ;;Restore original values

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