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This variable contains the value established by the /XSLASH switch. This allows you to vary the format of generated output, creating the XML/XHTML syntax if you prefer.

This is a Standard Definition which always exists (you don't need to #define it). Note that you can create your own variations or completely new ones (see the examples).


The following is one way that this symbol can be used. In the example, the "HR" macro will generate either "<hr>" or "<hr />".

NOTE: XHTML code has other syntactic requirements, but since these are compatable with HTML there is nothing stopping you from doing most of this now.

;--- Define some HTML tags which vary from "HTML" to "XHTML" ---
#define HR  <hr<?/>>

;--- More complex macro ---
#define /P                                                    \
        ;--- I don't wish to generate TAG unless XHTML ---   -\
        #if ['<?/>' <> '']                                   -\
            </p>                                             -\

;--- User the "HR" & "/P" tags ---
<p>Hi ya<$/p>

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