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It is possible to access REXX variables or operating system environment environment variables without first obtaining a copy of their value with the "#evaluate command. Any symbol that starts with <?? and ends with > is a command to get the value of a REXX or environment variable in between.

If the symbol starts with "*" (invalid in a rexx variable) then this indicates that you wish the value of an environment variable. If the environment variable name is followed by "?" then it is OK if the variable does not exist (replaced with nothing), otherwise PPWIZARD will abort if the environment variable does not exist.

This is a Standard Definition which always exists (you don't need to #define it). Note that you can create your own variations or completely new ones (see the examples).


The following is an example which creates <H1>, <H2> HTML tagging etc:

#RexxVar    HeadingLevel = 1                      ;;Create a rexx variable (set to 1)
#RexxVar    HeadingLevel + 1                      ;;Increase value by 1

<H<??HeadingLevel>>A heading</H<??HeadingLevel>>  ;;Use it

<P>The computer name is "<??*COMPUTERNAME?>" (blank if non-existant).
<P>The computer name is "<??*COMPUTERNAME>" (dies if non-existant).

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