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This #option command is used to control the tags that are required to tell PPWIZARD that you wish macro substitution to occur as well as those used to indicate that you wish macro indirection to occur. Use with care. You would normally only use once at the start of your code - think about the impact on any existing macros.

If an empty parameter is supplied then the default is used otherwise the parameter must have exactly 4 or 6 characters in it. The characters are (in order):

  1. Replacement for '<'.
  2. Replacement for '>'.
  3. Replacement for '$'.
  4. Replacement for '?'.
  5. Replacement for '['.
  6. Replacement for ']'.

Support for 4 characters is for backwards compatability only.


#define FRED   ****
<$Fred>                      ;;Fred will be substituted here

#option ReplacementTags="[]$?{}"
[$Fred]                      ;;Fred will be substituted here
<$Fred>                      ;;Fred will NOT be substituted here
#option ReplacementTags=""   ;;Set to default values

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