PPWIZARD is a free preprocessor for HTML, REXX, Visual Basic or any text files.
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Switch /BC:Flag=YorN

This is a PPWIZARD command line switch.

PPWIZARD will sometimes make changes that will break things, if this is a relatively painful change a flag may be created to determine which way you would like things to work (the "OLD" way or the "NEW" way").

Note that these flags are intended to aid migration and will be removed in a future (not distant) release. You should update your code ASAP! The reason for this is that the PPWIZARD code is complicated by the support of both methods (and the old is generally more complex) and I would wish to simplify things before making further changes.

To keep things simple, I recommend you don't update PPWIZARD while you make use of the "/BC" switch.

The "PPWIZARD_OPTIONS" environment variable is a good place to specify this switch.

PPWIZARD will define the flags that are valid, currently there are:


ppwizard /BC:02.148=Y

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