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Environment Variable - PPWIZARD_OPTIONS

This environment variable can be used to configure command line parameters for PPWIZARD to process.

These parameters are processed first and so can generally be overriden if these are not suitable for a particular purpose.

Most operating systems allow you to set environment variables, some possible locations are:

Note that this is not the only place you could configure PPWIZARD, project files are another way.


PPWIZARD has many inbuilt defaults, quite a few of these can be modified or added to. Many command line switches either double as configuration switches or generally only make sense when used for configuration.

In the following example (perhaps used in a batch file) we wish to:

  1. Make the ".p" extension special (to mean perl source code). For UNIX this only defines the lower case ".p" and not ".P"!

  2. By default when ".p" source files are processed ".pl" (runtime files) will be generated.

  3. The ".pl" files should be generated in the default directory identified by the user (with the /output switch).

  4. Unless user says otherwise we wish dependancy checking to be on and dependancy files to be stored in a "DependsOn" directory under any output directory configured by the user. We don't want to see reason why a rebuild occurs.

  5. Make the default output directory "out".
SET PPWIZARD_OPTIONS=/ExtnInfo:p:PM='LU:OTHER',OM='LU:{$OutputDir}*.pl',DM='LU:-{$OutputDir}\DependsOn\*.*.dep' /output:OUT\

In real life we might also wish to configure other items (for perl code you would probably wish to validate the generated code with "/SYNTAX").

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