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Environment Variable - PPWIZARD_TEST_REGINA_VER

PPWIZARD validates the version of regina being used and generates a warning if not in its inbuilt list.

The warning exists to inform you that PPWIZARD may or may not work with the version you are using. I do not expect to have to support problems that don't also exist on supported regina versions. So if an error occurs please also try to reproduce it with a supported version. However that said, I would like to be told of problems if this is on a newer version such as an alpha or beta version of regina, that way if there is a problem I can get Regina (or PPWIZARD) sorted out before it gets released.

This environment variable exists basically to allow me to easily test different versions of regina without stuffing up my whole environment. If I were testing regina version 3.1, then I would put "3.1" in this environment variable. This does not make it supported!



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