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Switch /BaseDir[:SomeAbsoluteDirectory]

This is a PPWIZARD command line switch.

Each input file has an associated "base directory", if your input mask did not specify that subdirectories were being processed then this directory is the directory the file is in otherwise it is the directory of the specified mask (of course these values may be the same for all or some files).

The value supplied on this switch overrides all following default base directories for input filemasks.

The value should have a terminating slash and must begin any filemasks you attempt to use or ppwizard processing will abort.

You can restore normal processing by using "/BaseDir" without a directory. The directory you use must be an absolute directory or the result will not be correct. There are some simple relative paths that PPWIZARD can convert to absolute such as those starting with '..' and '.' followed by a slash.

You would probably never wish or need to override the base directory value unless you normally process a whole tree and now wish to process a subtree as if the whole tree were being processed.

The value can be accessed with the "<?BaseDir>" definition and you can get a relative input filename using the "<?..>" symbol.


An alternative way of specifying the base directory is to imbed the "{ENDBASE}" (upper case) string within the filemask after one of the slashes (the string marks the end of the base directory).

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