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Switch /OnERROR[:FailedCommandLine]

This is a PPWIZARD command line switch.

The "FailedCommandLine" if non-blank specifies the command line of a command which is to be executed if ppwizard fails for any reason.

A typical use for this would be to display the output in a viewer or editor. This could be very handy if you wish to work in a GUI (graphical) environment such as Windows Explorer or the OS/2 WPS.

The /OnOk switch is closely related to this one.

Some Command Parameters

It is up to you to perform an redirection you wish to have occur, the following strings can be usedful for this:


set ppwizard_errorfile=out\1.$$E
set ppwizard_consolefile=+out\1.$$C
regina out\ppwizard.rex 1.in /OnOK:notepad{x20}{ConsoleFile} /OnERROR:notepad{x20}{ErrorFile} /output:out\1.htm /debug  >nul 2>&1

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