PPWIZARD is a free preprocessor for HTML, REXX, Visual Basic or any text files.
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Switch /List[:ListFileName]

This is a PPWIZARD command line switch.

This switch allows you to pass a file containing a list of ppwizard switches and/or file masks (possibly produced by a /hook hook) to ppwizard.

Inline comments are removed (these begin with ';;'). Blank lines or lines beginning with ';' are ignored.

Each line must contain one and only one file mask or ppwizard option. Leading and trailing spaces are removed all others are replaced with '{x20}' as it is assumed they are required.

One of the advantages of using a list file to hold options is that you do not have any problems with the operating system's command line processing getting in the way, for example you can use redirection characters such as '>' without problems.

Note that ppwizard will automatically read in any file named "ppwizard.ppw" (default project file) using this mechanism. This makes it much simpler to use ppwizard via a graphical interface (such as Window's explorer) while also making it easier to use from the command line.

Te list file can of course load other definitions from environment variables or other list or project files if required.

The main difference between the "/list" switch and using "@" to indicate a project file is that with the "/list" switch you specify where the file is and with project commands such as "@all" ppwizard will look for a file called "all.ppw" in certain locations (current and ppwizard directories).

Example Of LIST File

;--- This project file:
;--- (1) Builds HTML for all "*.IT" files in current directory
;--- (2) Copies images into the same directory the html was generated into

/HTML                      ;;HTML mode
/DependsOn:DEP\*.*.DEP     ;;Only rebuild files that need it (new or modified)
/Output:OUT\*.htm          ;;I like files generated into the "out" directory and with the ".htm" extn
*.IT                       ;;Only build files matching this mask

/COPY                      ;;Copy some files
/Output:OUT\*.*            ;;Where to copy and how
*.gif                      ;;A source mask
*.jpg                      ;;A source mask

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