PPWIZARD is a free preprocessor for HTML, REXX, Visual Basic or any text files.
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Switch /HtmlGenerator:Contents

This is a PPWIZARD command line switch.

By default when generating HTML, ppwizard will try to insert a meta tag similar to the following in the "HEAD" section:

<META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="PPWIZARD version 99.231 on OS/2, FREE tool for OS/2, Windows, DOS and UNIX by Dennis Bareis (http://dennisbareis.id.au/ppwizard.htm)">

If you are generating XHTML you will need to use the /XSlash to create valid XML. You can turn off the generation of the tags altogether by specifying an empty value or you can supply alternative line(s).

The HtmlGeneratorTags() routine can be used to clear or alter the tags at runtime however this must be done before a "head" tag is encountered.

PPWIZARD looks for "<HEAD>" (in any case) in all files generated in HTML mode. It will also look for a "<BODY" tag if it has not yet found a head and it will insert a "head" section if required. If only a section of your total processsing needed to be "safe" from the insertion of generator tags then HtmlGeneratorTags() could be used to clear the tag and later on to restore it.

PPWIZARD is supplied as freeware and I would appreciate it if you at least mention PPWIZARD and its homepage in the pages that you generate (either in meta tags or comments). The switch is mainly supplied so that you can add your own details if you wish.

If you wish to specify your own generator contents (or refer to ppwizard details in HTML comments) you can make use of these variables (on the command line replace '<' with '{x3C}' and '>' with '{x3E}') :

  1. <?PpwizardAuthor>
  2. <?PpwizardAuthorEmail>
  3. <?PpwizardAuthorHomePage>
  4. <?PpwizardHomePage>
  5. <?NewLine>

The substitution takes place just before the output goes to the file so PPWIZARD can not handle macros containing any PPWIZARD commands.

The value you wish to give this switch is probably so large that you would normally wish to use a project file or environment variable to define the information. A project file also eliminates the need to use "curly codes".

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