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This is an inbuilt function function provided by PPWIZARD.

This function sets the color used by a color name.

It takes 2 parameters as follows:

  1. The Color Name
    This is the alias of the color whose value should be set, it is one of:
    1. DEFAULT
    2. ERROR
    4. INFO
    5. PromptText
    6. RESET
    7. RexxTrace
    8. SUMMARY
    9. TITLE
    10. WARNING
    11. ?user

    Any color name that begins with "?" is automatically a valid color even if you have never defined it. It provides you with a range of colors that are not used by PPWIZARD so you can change color to any value(s) you wish to configure without effecting any existing PPWIZARD facilities.

  2. The New value
    This will be either ANSI or CTEXT codes. The "ReplaceCurlyHexCodes()" routine is used to expand any hard to type characters such as escape ("{x1B}").

Note that the previous color value is returned by this function.

See the color configuration section for more information about the color names and values and how the default value for the colours can be configured.

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