PPWIZARD is a free preprocessor for HTML, REXX, Visual Basic or any text files.
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Any of these PPWIZARD routines may be used by your rexx code:


On PPWIZARD's download page there are many external add-ons which are frequently more powerful than anything I might wish inbuilt into PPWIZARD (such as the sort download) so do not forget to check there if you are after something specific. I do not like to add to the above list of internal functions and will only do so when there is a good reason.

Note that I do not always document return codes in the functions listed above if I do not believe that they will be useful to you.

Rexx has two different ways of calling a function depending on whether or not you wish to process any return code.

The following demonstrates the syntax that should be used when you need the return code:

   ;--- Put return code into the rexx variable "FuncRc" ---
   FunctRc = RexxFunction(parm1, parm2)     ;;Pass 2 parameters

   ;--- Display value -------------------------------------
   call Say 'RC = ' || RexxFunction(parm1)  ;;Pass 1 parameter

The following demonstrates the syntax that should be used when you don't need the return code:

   ;--- Place return code into an unused variable name ---
   Dummy = RexxFunction(parm1, parm2)       ;;Not valid if function does not return a return code

   ;--- Alternate call syntax ----------------------------
   call RexxFunction parm1, parm2           ;;Always valid

The following code does not correctly call AddTempFileToDependancyList():

#evaluate '' ^AddTempFileToDependancyList('NUL')^

As a result of the incorrect call syntax, rexx passed the return code to the operating system for execution. The operating system then displayed (in OS/2):

SYS1041: The name Y is not recognized as an
internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Note that the results may not always be so obvious, for example in OS/2 it may complain about running out of memory or things may simply run slower.

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