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\ -> PPWIZARD Command Line -> Switches -> /SpellCheck

Switch /SpellCheck:NameOfDictionary

This is a PPWIZARD command line switch.

This option loads a dictionary and turns on spell checking. The switch can be used any number of times to load as many dictionaries as you wish. As an example you might wish to set up "GLOBAL.DIC", "PROJECT.DIC" and "JUNK.DIC".

You may need to set up a "JUNK.DIC" to hold junk words that are not really valid but get picked up as words during the spell check. In interactive spell checking such as in Microsoft word, these junk words are the annoying ones you keep replying "Ignore All" to!

Note that ppwizard ignores the case of words and should work for international languages such as German.

The /SpellAddWord will help you update or create dictionaries.

A dictionary file must exist and it can be empty.

There are large dictionaries available (such as in isspell40.zip on hobbes) however this take too long to load if you are impatient like me. The extra time will be required to load the extra words into memory, once loaded I do not think it will take longer to process your files.

Spell checking has 2 basic modes (you can use both together) as follows:,


All leading whitespace on all lines is ignored as are any blank lines or lines that begin with ';' (a comment).

There are two types of dictionary entries as follows:

  1. A valid word. Each word occurs on its own line. The fact that we have loaded at least one dictionary word (you are not required to do so) means that ppwizard will try to validate (spell check) all words. Note that a "word" can contain any characters and so if required could be "ASD%^".

  2. A '$command' as follows:

Example of Dictionary

;--- Add common mistakes ----
$mistake seperate

;--- Specify alternate delimiters ----
$Delimiters d2c(9) || ',.=:;<>&-%()!/~?#${}[]"'

;--- A few words ----

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