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This configuration macro is used to specify one or more filenames (separated by semicolons) which hold break point aliases.

If a breakpoint expires and PPWIZARD is about to display a command line, it looks for the "REXX_BP_ALIAS_FILES" macro. All files listed are processed to load the aliases.

You as a user are allowed to create your own aliases from the command prompt, these are saved to the first file in the list, if you don't wish to allow saving then begin the list with a semicolon.

All blank lines and lines that begin with ';' are ignored, otherwise the line contains a set alias command of the same format that you use on the command prompt, that is "/alias=value".

Alias names can contain virtually any characters and if duplicated all but the first is ignored when read from a file. An alias specified on the command prompt overwrites any stored.

If you do a lot of ppwizard rexx debugging you will probably want to set up at least project and global level aliases for frequently used commands.

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