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Break Point Aliases

An "alias" is simply a short name used to describe one or more commands you would like executed (reduces the amount of typing required at a breakpoint prompt).

A single alias may hold multiple "lines" each separated from the others by the text "{NL}".

For more details on predefining or saving aliases across command lines you should see the "REXX_BP_ALIAS_FILES" and "REXX_BP_ALIAS:?" sections.


These aliases are created automatically as you enter new commands. Only successful commands that did not trap are remembered. This facility allows you to refer to previously entered long commands with a short simple number. As you will see below it will also allow you to give "good" commands a decent name at the end of a debug session.

As these aliases are also saved along with normal aliases you can edit the alias file after a debug session to give what you believe will be handly common commands "decent" names. When an alias file is read in the auto alias number is completely ignored so you don't have to worry about creating "holes" etc.

You can control how many commands ppwizard remembers with the "REXX_BP_MAX_AUTO_CMD" macro.

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