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REXX_BP - Set Break Point

This configuration macro is used to specify a test to be performed when /PpwTrace has been used to turn tracing on. The test decides whether or not you wish processing to stop. When processing stops (the breakpoint "expires") you will be left at a break point command line where you can execute commands to examine the environment. You can also use the "BP" command to set new breakpoints.

You must not be redirecting output when a breakpoint expires otherwise you will of course not be able see anything and ppwizard will be halted (waiting for your replies)!

Before any rexx trace code is executed ppwizard looks to see if the "REXX_BP" macro exists, if it does then this value is used as an initial breakpoint value.

The breakpoint value can be in one of the following formats:

  1. A value of "?" indicates that you wish to set a breakpoint that matches all traced lines.

  2. A value of "?TestExpression" indicates that have a rexx expression which when true should cause the breakpoint to expire. For example if you wanted to stop when the rexx count variable contained 99 then "?count=99" would do this.

  3. A value of "=MacroName" indicates that you wish to call some rexx code you have defined. It could dump variables and/or indicate that you wish to stop (bring up a debug command prompt). Rexx variables that you may wish to use are:

  4. Any other value indicates that you wish to break on all lines that contain the text you provided (case sensitive). You probably determined a good value by looking at the rexx trace output from a previous run.

    Note that the string "{SOL}" represents the start of a line and "{EOL}" represents the end of a line. All leading and trailing spaces have been removed and there is never two or more spaces in a row.

When a breakpoint expires the current line will be displayed, it will not have been executed and won't be until you press enter at the prompt.

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