PPWIZARD is a free preprocessor for HTML, REXX, Visual Basic or any text files.
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Switch /RegSyntax

This is a PPWIZARD command line switch.

This switch only has affect when generating rexx code under OS/2.

PPWIZARD always checks the generated code by asking the interpreter you are using to validate it. The OS/2 classic (not sure about OO) rexx interpreter does not do as good a job as regina in detecting syntax errors.

By default ppwizard will use the OS/2 version of regina to perform a second syntax check assuming that the first (done by OS/2's rexx) passed it. PPWIZARD will look for a file called "ROS2REXX.EXE" in the same directory as PPWIZARD as well as in the PATH.

This switch allows you to either turn off the checking altogether (pass '-') or specify the full name of the rexx interpreter.

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