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Environment Variable - PPWIZARD_COLOR_RexxTrace

This environment variable can be used to set the Traced line or message color. The default color is bright magenta. See the color configuration section for a list of other colors that can be configured.

This either needs to be a CTEXT color value or the ANSI code depending on which method is used for your operating system. Only Windows NT, 2000 and XP use "CTEXT". The "ReplaceCurlyHexCodes()" routine is used to expand any hard to type characters such as escape ("{x1B}").


The following is an example when "CTEXT.EXE" is being used:

 set PPWIZARD_COLOR_RexxTrace={magenta} 

The following is an example when ANSI color codes are being used (the "{x1B}" string represents the escape character):

 set PPWIZARD_COLOR_RexxTrace={x1B}[0;32m 

The following is an example of how it can be configured via the command line:


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