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This is an inbuilt function function provided by PPWIZARD.

The purpose of this routine is to take a supplied absolute filename and convert it to a relative form where possible.

The return code is the original absolute full name or the relative one.

This routine takes at least one parameter as follows:

  1. AbsoluteFileName
    This is the full name of a file for which you want a relative form.

  2. RelativeTo
    This is optional and specifies the directory the relative filename should be relative to (the current directory by default).

  3. UseRelWhen
    This is optional and if numeric specifies the how many "..\" levels you wish to go back to. For example the default is 2 which means if the relative filename would need more than "..\..\" then the absolute name would be returned.

    Other options are to use a "S" for use the relative filename only if its shorter than or equal in length to the long name, any other value means always use the relative version.

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