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Switch /DebugChars:List

This is a PPWIZARD command line switch.

This switch allows you to modify the following debug 'markers':

  1. Left Quote
    This allows you to change the way ppwizard displays a left "quote" in debug mode.

  2. Right Quote
    This allows you to change the way ppwizard displays a right "quote" in debug mode.

  3. New Line
    This allows you to change the way ppwizard displays a new line character.

If the supplied list is empty then the defaults are restored otherwise it specifies the values for as many comma seperated items as are supplied in the list (items assigned in the order shown above).

An item can be:

This switch can be handy as the default characters could easily be misread as normal characters. If your viewer supports some of the extended characters (below the space or above ASCII 127) then this can make debug output much easier to read.

Display List In Your Viewer

The following code allows you to create a list of possible codes for you to examine in the particular viewer that you will be using to look for good distinct characters. These will/may have to be changed if you change your viewer.

Just cut and paste the following:

#define    DisplayX  call Say left(d2c(x),6) || left(x,9) || '{x' || d2x(x) || '}'
#DefineRexx ''
   ;--- Title ---------------------------------------------------------------
   call Say '';
   call Say '~~~~  ~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~'

   ;--- Do all but ASCII code 0 and 9, 10,13 --------------------------------
   do  x = 1 to 255
       if  x <> 9 & x <> 10 & x <> 13 then

   ;--- Now do ASCII 0 (some editors/viewers will NOT HANDLE THIS!) ---------
   x = 0; <$DisplayX>
   call Say '';


The following characters look good in the version of notepad I'm using.

PPWIZARD /DebugChars:187,171,165

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Saturday May 28 2022 at 2:55pm