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This #option command lets you alter the way ppwizard performs macro replacement. By default ppwizard macro names and macro parameter names are case insensitive.

This command allows you to specify that case matters. This will give ppwizard more flexibility when generating certain languages (such as XML or XHTML).

Note that Standard Definitions and rexx variable names are always case insensitive.

You will need to be careful how you use this option (if not used early in the piece). Any macros created while this option was off were created in upper case, while any parameters within the definition don't matter until the replacement takes place.

If the "OnOrOff" parameter is empty then it defaults to the current default value, otherwise one of the following is expected:


#option CsReplacement=ON
#define AAAA   1111
#define aaaa   2222

;--- Test Macro Replacement ---
1. <$AAAA>     ;;Expect "1111"
2. <$aaaa>     ;;Expect "2222"
3. <$AAaa>     ;;Expect ppwizard to fail here

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