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This is an inbuilt function function provided by PPWIZARD.

This function takes a basedate and this is converted to a human readable formatted date. This routine would be used if you wished to display a past or future date.

The parameters are:

  1. BaseDate
    A value such as that returned by BASEDATE().

  2. FormatSpec
    This value is optional and if not supplied the date is return in the format "YYYYMMDD". If supplied it is a specification as used by FormatTime() (only date components are valid unless "HHMMSS" is supplied).

  3. ConfigSet
    This value is optional, see FormatTime() for more details.

    This value is optional, it is exactly 6 characters which contain the hour, minutes and seconds (example "231018"). The default value is "000000".


#DefineRexx ''
   ;--- Get basedate for tomorrow ---
   @@DbTomorrow = basedate() + 1  ;;Add 1 day to todays basedate

   ;--- Create formatted dates for tomorrow ---
   @@Fd1 = Bd2Date(@@DbTomorrow)
   @@Fd2 = Bd2Date(@@DbTomorrow, "%A")
   @@Fd3 = Bd2Date(@@DbTomorrow, "%D")
   @@Fd4 = Bd2Date(@@DbTomorrow, "%x")

   ;--- Display values on console ---
   call say 'Basedate = ' || @@DbTomorrow
   call say 'Default  = ' || @@Fd1
   call say 'Week Day = ' || @@Fd2
   call say 'MM/DD/YY = ' || @@Fd3
   call say 'Pretty   = ' || @@Fd4

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