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This is an inbuilt function function provided by PPWIZARD.

This function is an alternative to the #AutoTag command for defining autotags (see it for more detail).

Being rexx you have full control over what you pass it (the #AutoTag command's first parameter never has macros replaced.

It takes these parameters:

  1. The Before Text
    This is the text being replaced.

  2. The After Text
    This is the new Replacement text.

  3. Change Type
    This optional value is the AtChangeType for this change.

  4. Slot Number
    This optional value is the slot number.


;--- Macro holds value we wish replaced ---
#define FRED aaa
#autotag on

;--- This won't work as 1st parm not replaced ---
;#autotag ^<$FRED>^ ^[Worked]^

;--- This will work! --------------------------------------------------------
#DefineRexx ''
   call AutoTagAdd MacroGet("FRED"), "[Worked]"

;--- Test it ---
aaa aaa aaa

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