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This is an inbuilt function function provided by PPWIZARD.

The StackPush() and StackPop() routines can be used to store and restore information. Another major use is to validate steps that must be performed in pairs. When a build is completed all pushed items on all stacks must have been popped or the items on the stack are listed and the build fails.

For every StackPush() operation there must be a corresponding StackPop().

Note that the "#PUSH and #POP commands use this mechanism for storage.

When PPWIZARD has successfully completed a build it will validate all the stacks you have created and report any errors.

The function these parameters:

  1. A description of item being pushed. This also doubles as an ID which identifies the stack you wish to push. If the stack does not exist then an empty one is created. This value is displayed if a stack error is detected.

  2. This is the value to be stored. You don't need to pass this if you are using the stack as a mechanism for the validation of correct pairing (it will store "").

  3. This is an optional value which is only used when reporting stack errors. By default PPWIZARD will display the current source line being processed, this parameter allows you to specify alternative text which may help someone locate the cause of the error.

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