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Rexx Conditional Logic

You can get a rexx manuals (for regina) from http://www.lightlink.com/hessling/, there are HTML and PDF versions available.

The #if command allows you to evaluate any rexx conditional expression to determine whether its true or not.

The following tests operators are concidered to be "non-strict" (leading and trailing blanks are ignored as are leading zeros on numbers):

The following tests operators are concidered to be "strict":

The following logical operators are also useful:

Some examples follow:

#if  lines(<$LanguageFile>) = 0
#if  Defined('Var1') = 'Y' | Defined('Var2') = 'Y'
#if <$TmpHH> < 12
#if translate(GetEnv("PRJSRCDIR")) = "E:\DB\PROJECTS\HOMEPAGE"

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