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This is an inbuilt function function provided by PPWIZARD.

This function returns the value of an operating system environment variable.

The parameters are as follows:

  1. Variable Name
    This is the name of the environment variable.

  2. Die if Missing?
    Passing an upper case 'Y' to this optional parameter tells PPWIZARD to abort with an error message if the environment variable doesn't exist, otherwise it will return "" in this case.


;--- Lets keep all WORK/HOME conditional logic here -------------------------
#define AtHome  translate(GetEnv("PRJSRCDIR", 'Y')) =  "E:\DB\PROJECTS\HOMEPAGE\HTML"
#define AtWork  translate(GetEnv("PRJSRCDIR", 'Y')) <> "E:\DB\PROJECTS\HOMEPAGE\HTML"


;--- External Links ---------------------------------------------------------
#if    <$AtHome>
        #define ExtLink   <A TARGET=_top HREF="{$URL}">{$VISIBLE=`{$URL}`}</A>
        #define ExtLink   {$VISIBLE=`{$URL}`}{$URL-}

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