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Problem Characters or Parameters

Some characters or parameters can be difficult to specify on a command line. The difficult characters tend to vary between the different operating systems (the "^" and "$" characters are typical ones).

You should read up about curley codes as these can be used to take care of difficult characters such as spaces, another example is if you had a filename or mask that begins with a minus sign (this normally indicates the start of a command line switch).

Spaces can also be handled by surrounding any item on the command line with a range of "quote" characters. This can be very handy in cases where the normally useful double quotes are causing problems (getting dropped by operating system etc). The quote characters you can use include single, double and backwards quotes as well as the "~!#$%^([" characters. If "(" or "[" is used the matching end quote is ")" or "]", otherwise the starting and ending quote characters are the same, valid examples are 'one parm' and [one parm].

Also remember that items in a project file do not get seen by the operating system and automatically handle space characters!

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