PPWIZARD is a free preprocessor for HTML, REXX, Visual Basic or any text files.
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{$?} - Expand All Unused Parameters

The subject of macros is reasonably complex (but well worth learning) please ensure you have at least read the macro introduction before reading this section.

This option allows you to create a ppwizard macro for a html tag and process any parameters you wish while expanding any you don't specifically make use of. For example the following is a simplistic "IMG" tag front end:

#define  IMG   <IMG SRC="graphics/{$FILE}" ALT="{$ALT='{$FILE}'}"{$?}>

Notice the "{$?}" tag above, it will expand all parameters used on a reference except "FILE" and "ALT". You can also use "{$?ResetUsed}" if you want to process all parameters (used or not). If there are specific parameters that you don't want included (as yet unused) then you should preceed this command with the parameter using '$$IGNORE'. If there were no parameters then nothing is expanded else a space preceeds the resultant parameter.

There are actually 2 modes of replacement, the above shows one mode where no "$$" Commands were used, if they were used then the commands are applied to each unused parameter in turn. In general one of the $$ commands would be a "pass" command.

Using the $$ commands gives you much more quoting flexibility and gives you the option of not passing on the parameters, you may wish to simply memorise them for later use.

To allow you to use it any number of times, this parameter does not mark all the parameters as used. It does however disable any {$!} validation for the macro.

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