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{$![:List]} - Die When Unused Parms

The subject of macros is reasonably complex (but well worth learning) please ensure you have at least read the macro introduction before reading this section.

While PPWIZARD does show unused parameters when in debug mode, this does not cause ppwizard to complain. This is because there are a number of situations (some coding style issues as well) where you can expect to find some parameters whose values were not expanded by a macro.

While PPWIZARD does not know if unused parameters might indicate an error, you do, so you can tell ppwizard to die if a macro is passed parameters that it does not use.

You may not always get this error, for example if a manditory parameter was mispelt it would fail because the parameter was missing but it does provide some helpful extra validation.

Some common mistakes that could be detected by this validation include:

This validation may slow down processing slightly but is probably worth it anyway if others will be using your macros. You could compromise and limit the validation to externally known macros and keep "internal" ones unvalidated.

This feature works in two "modes":


;--- Define a macro that takes no parameters ---
#define EMAIL   fred@home.com{$!}

;--- Correct Use (no parameters) ---

;--- Incorrect Use (some parameters) ---
VALUE: <$EMAIL X=1 Y=2 "3">

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