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This is an inbuilt function function provided by PPWIZARD.

This function allows you to obtain any file extension information you defined with the /ExtnInfo switch.

This routine takes these parameters:

  1. FileExtension
    This is the extension for which you want the information (without the leading dot).

  2. Key
    This is the case sensitive name of the value you wish.

  3. DefaultValue
    This is the option default value to be returned if the "Key" was not found.


You may have defined the following to PPWIZARD:

'/ExtnInfo:*:user1=@Value 1@,user2=@Value 2@' '/ExtnInfo:VBS:user1=@VBS value 1@,user2=@VBS Value 2@'

In the above "'" was used to handle spaces, this is assuming the items are actually on PPWIZARD's command line as you would not need to do this in a project file.

Then this allows you to access the values:

#DefineRexx ''
  call say 'VBS user1   = ' || ExtnInfoGet("VBS", "user1",   "*def*")
  call say 'VBS user2   = ' || ExtnInfoGet("VBS", "user2",   "*def*")
  call say 'XYZ user2   = ' || ExtnInfoGet("XYZ", "user2",   "*def*")
  call say 'XYZ unknown = ' || ExtnInfoGet("XYZ", "unknown", "*def*")

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