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This is an inbuilt function function provided by PPWIZARD.

This function can be used to determine the existance of or return information about any data structures created using the #data command.

The function takes 1 parameters as follows:

  1. The Query. This is exactly the same as that described for the "<?Data>" symbol (after the ":").


@@Data = "FRED"

;--- Make sure the DATA has 2 columns ---
if  DataInfo(@@Data) = '' then
   error('CustomActionData "' || @@Data || '" does not exist!');
@@ColCnt = DataInfo(@@Data || '.*.?')
if  @@ColCnt <> 2 & @@ColCnt <> 0 then
   error('CustomActionData "' || @@Data || '" should have had 2 columns, not ' || @@ColCnt || '!')

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