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Please read the disclaimer before downloading or using any software from these pages.

Software on this page has not been written by me but I consider it so useful (and often not well known) that it's worth telling you about. Where the software is particularly hard to find I have made it available for downloading.



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(2,119,220 bytes)
This is the "acleasy" GUI front end tool to the command line based "SetAcl.exe" tool. It no longer appears to exist elsewhere on the internet...
ver v0.523

(55,206 bytes)
This is the "runprocess.exe" tool written by Frank P. Westlake. I am hosting it as it appears to be unavailable anywhere else.

43,450 bytes
This is a free resource decompiler/manager by Martin Lafaix. It can view/add/replace/remove resources from either a .EXE, a .DLL or a .RES file. It can also decompile these resources into a .RC script. Resources can be extracted from OS/2 1.x or OS/2 2.x files (Warp included). It contains the source. You may wish to look for an updated version on Martin's website (which also contains other interesting goodies).

I have used this utility plus my "TEXTEDIT" & "INIWRITE" programs to automatically generate a version of Netscape 2.02E which is secured (removed unwanted menu options and links etc). You may wish to download this PATCH.CMD with its support files (5,393 bytes) as a sample of what you can do.


393,711 bytes
This is a free OS/2 compression program which can be used to decrease the size of .EXE, .DLL (and other files). Compression of .EXE files of 60% is common, although the highest compression will result in programs that can't be used on OS/2 versions prior to Warp. Its command line driven (thank GOD!) and fairly simple as in most cases the defaults can be used. The latest version I have seen is "LXLT121.ZIP" (version 1.2.1), and as it is s hard to find I have provided a copy.

In rare cases I have seen it produce .EXE files which fail to run. You would have to assume that it's also possible to produce faulty ones that run. So I suggest testing of any changes before being used on critical systems and if you have seen "weird" occurrances, try the product again (without being compressed to help isolate the cause).

Note that there is also an IBM tool called REPACK (24,486 bytes) which also packs file although it's not as easy to use and does not compress as well.

This is the home page of the free "ZIP" programs and other utilities. The zip & unzip programs are much like PKZIP but in general better. They handle OS/2 extended attributes and long filenames pretty well. The source code is available. A version is available for most operating systems.
FASTKICK This is a free set of utilities which can be used used to apply IBM OS/2 fixpacks to Warp-3 or Warp-4 without floppies, SVDISK, etc.

The package includes a very handly utility called DIUNPACK.EXE (28,774 bytes). This allows you to extract files from a diskette image without first creating diskettes using "LOADDSKF.EXE".

at Hobbes
This is a free tool that will rearrange the pages in your executable to minimize paging. This will mainly improve performance in low resource (memory, CPU etc) situations.

Note that this was a commercial product which has been made available without support. It appears to be of a high quality with good documentation.

This is a shareware tool that I believe is the best program available for the comparison of text files. It shows you a easy to understand side by side view. Its major failing is like all graphic compare programs I have seen, it does not detect/show blocks that are moved but treats these as a delete and a separate insert. There are Windows and OS/2 versions available.
This a free 32 bit, multi-threaded application for OS/2 2.0 or above. This program displays the results of a comparison between two directories. It can then be used to perform various functions on the files within those directories. This program can use PMDIFF to display differences in text files.
38,697 bytes
This is a free tool to dump OS/2, windows and DOS executable files. I have found it very useful.
INF Viewer
32 Bit

192,120 bytes
This is a free .INF file viewer for Windows 95, 98 and NT allowing OS/2 INF files to be read on these systems.
INF Viewer

144,918 bytes
This is a free .INF file viewer for DOS and OS/2. The DOS program should allow OS/2 INF files to be read on other operating systems.

(111,329 bytes)
This is a free OS/2 and Windows filename case converter. Can change case of files to upper and lower and on OS/2 HPFS can change file to match ".LONGNAME" attribute. This program was written by WonKoo Kim, and a very good job too.

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