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A #Warning command is used to inform the user of an unusual situation. You would probably have extracted information (maybe from an environment variable) and found that all is not right. This command allows you to warn the user but continue processing (you will get a return code of 1).

The #Error command is similar but halts processing.


[WhiteSpace]#Warning  [']WarningId[']  [']WarningMessage[']

The "WarningId" parameter specifies a warning ID which can be used to help identify message (for example if you wished to use the Warnings option). You can supply an empty ID in case no ID is used. An ID can be as short or long as you wish.

The "WarningMessage" parameter specifies the text of the warning to be displayed.


#if GetEnv('FRED') <> 1 & GetEnv('FRED') <> 2
    #Warning ^IV00^ "Invalid value for variable 'FRED', processing will continue"

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