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This is a standard Standard Rexx Routines, there are many more (only a small number are documented in this manual). Only a summary is described here, for more complete and accurate information about this and other rexx routines you will need to obtain some rexx documentation.

This routine is passed a string and a translated result is returned. The string is translated a character at a time, and if only a single parameter was passed converts the string to upper case (english characters).

The ToLowerCase() and ToUpperCase() functions can be used to convert between cases (with international support).

To perform other sorts of translations supply an "output" followed by an "input" character string. Any character in the "input" string is converted to the matching character in the output string.

Note that the ppwizard BulkChar2String() routine can convert single characters to any length strings and that ReplaceString() can replace strings with strings.


;--- Convert to upper case ---
InUpper = translate("asdf")

;--- Convert "\" to "/" ------
NewStr = translate(OldStr, "/", "\")

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