PPWIZARD is a free preprocessor for HTML, REXX, Visual Basic or any text files.
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The Source Code

  1. There is no limit to how long a line may be, so the only practical limit will be whatever your editor or other tools impose.

    You will wish to also check out the following extra details:

  2. There is a range of "Standard Definitions" available for use in your source. You can create your own as well (for example a formatted date/time of your document).

  3. You can selectively include or exclude portions of the source code using the "#if" command.

  4. Large portions of text (with or without HTML tagging) that you place in multiple places which you feel must be kept in sync can be defined once with "#define" and referenced many times.

  5. If you wish to use PPWIZARD and a WYSIWYG (GUI) Editor and the editor cracks up at the PPWIZARD tags and commands you can used the /HideCmd switch to effectively hide ppwizard related stuff in html comments.

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My whole website and this manual itself was developed using PPWIZARD (free preprocessor written by Dennis Bareis)
Saturday May 28 2022 at 2:55pm